Some time ago it was announced that the Teams app «Communities» would be renamed «Viva Engage». This brought Yammer and Viva Engage back into focus in the Microsoft 365 environment. So it is not surprising that the first new functionalities are available. In this post, I give a first overview of the Storylines feature.


What is already lived out on a daily basis in our private lives is now (again) being followed into our everyday working lives: «followers». Because with storylines you have the possibility to communicate detached from «All Company» or from individual «Communities». The users receive a dedicated feed with exactly those people who are followed. Currently, this feature must still be explicitly activated. How to do it and what it looks like you will learn in a step-by-step guide


First of all, make sure that you have added the Viva Engage app to your teams. To do this, click on the «…» in the navigation on the left side. After that, type «Viva Engage» in the search box and add the app.

2. switch now to the Viva Engage app

3. since the function has to be activated first, go to the «Manage Storyline» section first

4. after that you can adjust the setting according to the printscreen for example

After reloading the Viva Engage app in Teams, you will find a new tab in the app called «Storylines». Here you can find the additional feed of the people you follow.

Microsoft provides the following five points around storylines:

I am interested in your opinion

How do you see the potential of storylines? Is this a function you want to use?

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Viva Engage delivers a new feature called «Storylines», with this Microsoft follows the trend of follow / be followed also in corporate communications.

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